Bank Job Solution

Bank Job Solution

Bank Job Solution

___ Make easier to find visitor web pages later
DVD stand for
Digital Video DiscDigital Value Disc
Digital Versatile DiscData Video Disc
The device used for both input and output purpose is
Touch ScreenMouse
Bank Job Solution Which of following is not virus
Trojan HorseMalware
You can include names and address from a source in a ms-word document automatically by using
A set of step by step procedures for accomplishing a task is known as a
Bank Job Solution An electronic path that sends signals from one part of computer to another is a
Logic GateModem
BusSerial Port
QWERTY is used with reference to
Bank Job Solution A __ is a set of rules
How many full adders are needed to add 4 bit numbers with a parallel adder ?
Bank Job Solution A basic operation performed by a computer are
Arithmetic OperationLogical Operation
Storage and RelativeAll of them
Two major types of computer chips are
External Memory ChipsPrimary Memory
Chip-Microprocessor ChipBoth B and C
The brain of any computer is
MemoryControl Unit
Bank Job Solution Storage capacity of magnetic disk depends on
Tracks Per Inch of SurfaceBits Per Inch of Tracks
Disk Pack in Disk SurfaceAll of them
Two kinds of main memory are
Primary and SecondaryRandom and Sequential
ROM and RAMAll of them
The process of loading the operating system in the memory is known as
Bank Job Solution

To display one line in multiple cell you will have to select
Marge Cell Check BoxWrap Text Check Box
Shrink to Fit Check BoxNone of these
To find the average values of A1,A2,A3 which of the following is not a correct formula ?
=Sum(A1:A3)/3= (A1:A3)/3
Which of the following programming language is not a high level language?
Bank Job Solution Bluetooth operations use –
Magnetic TechnologyRadio Technology
Optical TechnologyLaser Technology
A CD ROM drive is labeled with 52x. here 52x is a measurement of –
Time Required ReadingRevolution Per Minute
Capacity of the CDData Transfer Rate
Maximum number of rows in an excel sheet are –
Bank Job Solution When you start your computer then which component works first ?
BIOSHard Disk
IPV4 address is –
16 bit32 bit
64 bitNone of them
A hard disk is divided into tracks which are further subdivided into –
VectorsNone of them
Bank Job Solution Which one of the following represent the binary equivalent of the decimal number 73?
10011None of this
The last address of IP address represents –
Unicast AddressNetwork Address
Broadcast AddressNone of this
The machine readable from of a program is called as
Source codeObject Code
Executable FileNone of this
Who develop Yahoo ?
Dennis Ritchie & Ken Thompson Savid Filo & Jerry Yang
Vint Cerf & Robert KahnSteve Case & Jeff Bezos
Bank Job Solution MPG extension refers usually to what kind of file ?
Word Perfect Document FileMS Office Document
Animation/Movie FileImage File
What does DOCSIS stand for ?
Data Over Cable Service Interface SpecificationData Over Cable Security Internet std
Data Over Cable Secure International StdsData Over Cable Service Internet Standard
What is the term to ask the computer to put information in order numerically or alphabetically?
SortNone of them

INI extension refers usually to what kind of file ?
Image fileSystem File
Hypertext Related FileImage Color Matching Profile File
Which of the following units represents the largest amount of data ?
Which of the following are you probably using if you are viewing windows and icons?
Menu Driven InterfaceGraphical Interface
Command Driven InterfaceCharacter Driven Interface
Bank Job Solution When electrical power is disrupted or cut off, data and programs are lost in ?
Secondary StorageOperating System
Hard DiskRAM
UNIX is a ?
Word Processing ProgramDatabase
Operating SystemAnti Virus
Bluetooth is the popular for the _____ wireless Networking Standard ?
In MS Word, CTRL+E will result in ?
TableCentre Alignment
Exit from MS WordUnderlined, Deleted Text
MICR Stands for ?
Magnetic Ink Character ReaderMagnetic Ink Code Reader
Magnetic Ink Cases ReaderMagnetic ink Case read
An error in software or hardware is called a bug. What is the alternative computer jargon for it ?
ASCII stands for ?
American Stable Code for International InterchangeAmerican Standard Case for Institutional Interchange
American Standard Code for Information InterchangeAmerican Standard Code for International Interchange
Bank Job Solution All computer must have ?
Word Processing SoftwareAn Operating System
A Printer AttachedA Virus Checking Program
One MB is equal to ?
512 KB1 billion Byte
1024 KB1024 Byte
Which of the following is not Bangla Font?
History of Computer What is the term to ask the computer to put information in order numerically or alphabetically ?
Which one works as both an output and input device?
Which one is valid email address?
Anti-Virus SoftwareData Storage Device
Programming LanguageOperating System

Bank Job Solution Which one of the following is not an antivirus software ?
Which of the following is the latest operating system ?
Windows XPWindows 7
Windows VistaWindows 10
Computer does mathematical functions by using ?
Analog DigitDigital Digit
Binary DigitNumerical Digit
Which of the following is a database software ?
MS WordMS Access
MS PowerPointMS Outlook
Which of the following is not a free email service provider ?
JPG extension refers usually to what kind of file ?
System FileAnimation File
Image FileNone of them
RAM stands for ?
Random Access MemoryReally Annoying Machine
Read A ManualNone of them
Bank Job Solution CD computer abbreviation usually means ?
Command DescriptionCompact Disc
Change DataCopy Density
MPG extension refers usually to what kind of file?
Word Perfect Document FileMS Office Document
Animation/Movie FileImage File
Haw many bits in a byte?
Another word for CPU is ?
ExecuteMicro Chip
INI extension refers usually to what kind of file?
Image FileSystem File
Execute FileDocument File
Which one is a Database Software?
Which one is not graphics Software?
Page MakerMS Access
Freelance GraphicsNone of them
Bank Job Solution In general, which letter is considered for hard disk drive?
Which file is run automatically if it is available?

The acronym POST refers to what ?
Power on Self TestPreliminary Operating System Test
Proprietary Operating System TestNone of them
Your PC tells you that your 200 M hard drive is out of space. However, when you run DIR the total size of your files add to less than 200M. how do your account for this difference?
RoundingHidden File
Math ErrorNone of them
What is fastest method to create a bootable disk ?
Enter FORMATE A:/U/S with any disk in drive A:Enter SYS C:A: with a Previously formatted disk in drive A:
Disk Copy Another Bootable DiskEnter SYS A: with a previously formatted for hard disk drive
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